*The Restoration Ranch Ministry is a non-profit, tax exempt religious entity (Church). All monetary transactions are donations to support the ministry.  We accept donations, but do not beg people to tithe their income which is a scam, we don't support. Please see the link at the bottom of this page for more info on this issue. 

(Because of) state law, raw dairy products cannot legally be sold for human consumption and can only be acquired under a feed license. We have a feed license. However, we strive to produce superior milk, because we (the church) drink the milk ourselves, provide milk to our affiliate churches, our supporters and the local mission. There is no regulation on free food. We also possess a permit for the production and distribution of poultry and eggs. 

See Donation Details Below



Pasture and Grass Fed Milk $7 per Gallon


Ungraded Free Range Eggs $3.50 per dozen


Raw, Local and Unpasteurized Wildflower Honey $14 per 3 lbs. (44 oz.)

$8 per 1.5 lbs.



Pasture Raised Poultry $3.50 per lb. Get your name on the list for the next harvest. Also keep us up to date with your yearly needs. We like to raise just enough for ourselves and our supporters.


We change up cheese flavors regularly. Cheese in not allowed to be sold for human consumption so we give it away to our supporters and people who order other products. There is no regulation on free food.

Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream is another unexpected freebie. We just through in the delivery now and then. We switch up the flavors and give it away as a way to say thank you to our supporters.

There are several easy ways to get donations to us.

The Restoration Ranch Ministry PO Box 3 Grand Ridge Fl, 32442

The Facebook Messenger app has a free payment service. Go to Lee Pastor and send it through messenger to the ministry account. https://www.facebook.com/lee.pastor.337

The PayPal address pastorlee@restorationranchministry.com or PayPal.Me/RRministry

or the Venmo app at Frederickhorne@restorationranchministry


Supporting This Ministry and the Truth About Tithing

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