Restoration of Men

We believe humanity is in desperate need of restoration to a relationship with the creator. The missing link that caused the need in the first place is a disconnect with the creators instruction manual, the Bible. The instructions were directed to be taught, to the children and the children's children forever. The moral breakdown of families, relationships and society is due to a neglect of biblical instruction in the home.  We believe proper understanding, application and endurance is where true restoration takes place.

Restoration of the Creation

We believe man has come completely disconnected with the creation and has lost sight of how to care for and respect it. We don't believe in relying on chemicals and poisons to force the environment and nature to obey us.  We believe proper management, nutrition and holistic remedies, are the keys to success and the restoration of the creation's health. Our second focus is being wise stewards of the earth and its animals. The results of this mission is healthier human beings.

Retoration of Health

Eating healthy, exercise, relationships, study and worship are some key ingredients to the restoration of health. Instilling these principles into the lives of a broken people is central to our mission. Nutritional education by a certified nutritional therapist, will be coming to the farm in the next few months as well.


Good Health Is The Byproduct We Leave Behind

High quality food is a byproduct of helping men get on their feet. Unpasteurized, grass fed, whole Jersey milk, free range eggs, pasture raised poultry, local honey, cheese, and garden raised food is some of the things produce on the farm. Some of these items are delivered to near by cities and the overflow goes to local missions. All of the feed used on the farm is Non GMO and no soy.

Tampering With Our Food

We have learned that tampering with the Bible is what has led to bad spiritual health. We have found that we get back to the source, by not adding to or taking from. Our relationship with the creator and pure worship are clearly found in not tampering with the word.

In like manner, the best food on planet earth is found at it's source. Not tampering with the source is where you will find the most nourishment. Its the professionals and the love of money that have really messed things up. Let us go back to the creator and his creation to find what we need most.

seed image

Would You Like To Be Part Of This?

We are not part of man's divisions, don't beg for money, don't pass around a collection plate and don't demand a tithe. We do however appreciate like minded believers who believe in and support what we do. If you feel led to be part of this or would like some of our products please contact us.