We do not pass around a collection plate, nor do we beg for money. We don't demand or agree with ministrys taking a tithe of anyone's income, nor do we feel entitled to it. We work hard, pitch in and hustle to make ends meet. At this time the ministry farm is not making profit. There are a few like minded believers who support what we do and without them this wouldn't be possible. If you would like to touch peoples lives by investing into the growth of this ministry, we have several ways to make that happen. You can send a donation to-

The Restoration Ranch Ministry PO Box 3 Grand Ridge, FL 32442

Lee Pastor through the Facebook Messenger app      (this is a free service and it goes straight to the ministry account)

the PayPal account or

The Venmo App frederickhorne@restorationranchministry

To those who choose to support this work, Thank you so much!!!

Please enjoy the video below to learn the truth about tithing and how it is being abused. Please consider supporting the ministry that told you the truth and isn't building monuments or multi-million dollar infrastructure, we're investing in people.