Our Latest Promo Video


**OUR NEWEST PROMO VIDEO**Please share this video with those in the faith. People need to know there is a free resourse for people with addictions, homelessness and coming out of prison. They also need to know there is an alternative to what is offered in the mainstream. Shalom

Posted by The Restoration Ranch Ministry on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Our First Documentary

We believe what mankind needs is found from Genesis to Revelations and abundant life is found in a whole heart-ed surrender. 

All new guests are on probation until further notice. During this time secular entertainment is prohibited. Bible study and a Bible history video library are the entertainment.  Bible assignments are given daily. Note taking and testing is done on assignments.

Learning how to wake up in the morning and be productive is another focus on the ranch. If a man won't work, neither should he eat. (2 Thes. 3:10) New guests will learn and participate in caring for the animals and raising our own food. When a group of men from different walks of life live together, eventually character defects come to the surface. Our unconverted nature tends to show itself during these times. This is when we have individual and group discussions to learn how to handle these situations. Discussing these encounters teaches us how to resolve conflict, how to handle our anger and emotions, how to accept that others have problems just as we do, how to love each other through our differences, how to love as Messiah loves us, how to communicate with love, how to pray for each other etc. 


A future vision is for a dormitory classroom that will house and train many more men. We work in the community and run a full time farm to provide for the needs of all guests. We work as one body caring for each other physically and spiritually.